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HydroGen2 gas generator

A hydrogen generator combining 600 ml / min mixed gas with a moderate price. The generator accessories can do different things: Apply gas directly, prepare Hydrogen water, breathe with a canula and finally, spray the Hydrogen water on your skin.

HydroBubbles System

Micro Bubble Generator

Imagine hydrogen water, hundreds of liters, made in ten minutes. The patented HydroBubbles devices create billions of micro bubbles, which float in the water for various minutes and dissolve hydrogen. Compared to what is achievable with any other gas infusion technology, the hydrogen concentration of the water is many times higher.

H2 water and inhalation

making Hydrogen Water

We joined forces with Doctor MD Martinez. He offers inhalation sessions and sells H2 water in Cancun.

H2mex offers the best possible solution for hydrogen instalations of any size. We design, engineer, build and coordinate hydrogen projects. We give speeches in conferences. Contact us

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