H2mex HydroBubbles Hydrogen baths

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Anticipating the need for high concentration hydrogen water immersion therapy, H2mex engineered HydroBubbles


The Jacuzzi Project

Livestock and agricultural hydroponics also benefit from hydrogen water for improved health and faster growth. Contact us for custom solutions.

To make hydrogen water in huge quantities, hydroBubbles uses specialized high pressure bubble generators to create billions of extremely small bubbles that are floating for extended time in the water. A 200 liters bath tub can be infused to saturation in less then 10 min. The long term exposure of the hydrogen bubbles with the water will turn any bathtub or jacuzzi into a highly effective healing device.

The HydroBubbles system in action:

A scalable technology solution to treat burn victims, accident / surgical recovery patients, sport medicine and skin care centers, geriatric clinics and health spas.

The HydroBubbles System

We build these system on demand and to specification. A basic system good for several hundred liters includes the HydroBubbles unit, the high-pressure pump, intake filter and accompanying hoses with connectors.


Starting at USD $1,998 plus shipping.

Purchase procedure

You can purchase a HydroBubbles system by contacting us

We respond to your order by sending an email with billing instructions. Upon confirmed payment, we will immediately start assembling your HydroBubbles System. Once the unit is calibrated and ready for shipping, we will again confirm per email with a courier tracker link so you can follow the route. The delivery time in Mexico is a couple of days, to the rest of the world it might be a little longer. We use FedEx to guarantee delivery.


A hydroxy generator with 300-600 ml gas production per minute, a HydroBubbles System and 100-200 liters of water in a bathtub.


Half of hydroGen2's capacity!

  • 300 ml per min iquals 27.27 mg per min.
  • 10 min bubbling result in over 270 mg of infused hydrogen
  • 270 mg in 100 L gets us a theoretical 2.7 mg per liter
  • That is way above the saturation level of 1.6 mg per liter
  • The difference is stored in the floating bubbles
  • Bubbles continue to dissolve hydrogen into the water due to surface losses.
  • More than enough hydrogen for beneficial effects.
  • Ready in 15 minutes!

Human Scientific studies

Six Japanese subjects were enrolled in a trial of Hydrogen Water bathing every day for 3 months. HW-bathing significantly improved wrinkle in four subjects on the back of neck on 90th day as compared to 0 day. Thus, HW may serve as daily skin care to repress UVA-induced skin damages by radical-scavenging and promotion of collagen synthesis in dermis. [Scientific study here]


41 psoriasis patients were assigned to treatment with hydrogen-water bathing therapy. The treatment groups were well balanced with respect to demographics and baseline characteristics (Table 1). Only one patient of the control group withdrew during the course of the study at week 2 due to a lack of improvement and she was counted as a non-responder in the control group. Response was evident after 8-week bathing therapy. The mean Psoriasis Area Severity Index (PASI) score and median visual analog scale (VAS) score of the hydrogen-water bathing group at week 8 was 5.8 and 0 respectively, significantly lower than the baseline scores (P = 7.08 × 10−6; P = 2.42 × 10−5). [Scientific study here]

You can find more qualified studies on the science page

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