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Alkaline water electrolysis

Hydrogen generators are perfect for family homes, hospitals and doctors that would prefer, or can't have hydrogen cylinders in them.

H2mex is distributing the HydroGen2 generator in Mexico, Canada and the USA. A high efficiency, professional grade electrolyzer for abundant amounts of Hydrogen at any time. It has distinct features compared to anything else in the market and compared with other pure hydrogen generators, a modest price.

HydroGen2 with accessories: H2mex Hydrogen Generator

2 standard nose canulas - extension hose - water bubbler and the flexible topic application.

English Manual V1      Spanish Manual V1

English Manual V2


  • 440 ml Hydrogen & 220 ml Oxygen per minute
  • Ultra-efficient molecular hydrogen generator
  • High quality digital timer switch: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes
  • High quality power supply (110v/220v)
  • 2 Medical-grade gas purifiers
  • 3 Modes of gas application: inhalation, water infusion, topic
  • 2 Cannulas for inhalation
  • Water infusing attachment
  • Soft, flexible, silicone external spot applicator
  • 6-foot extension hose for application
  • Medical-grade flexible tubing and connectors
  • Quiet operation
  • All electrical and electronic components are UL listed
  • 3 Year warranty on molecular hydrogen generator
  • 1 Year warranty on electronic power supply, timer switch and cooling fan

Shipping container:
Weight: 12.70 lbs / 5.6 kg
Size: 18.5" x 10" x 17.5" / 47cm x 26cm x 44cm

Hand-Made in the USA with the Highest Quality materials

The generator produces hydrogen for the different methods to consume: Apply the gas topical, produce hydrogen water to drink and mist on your skin or inhale the gas directly. Your ongoing expenses are pure water and electricity.

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USD $1,998 plus USD $114 shipping.

You will be charged custom duties on delivery. This amounts to an additional MXN $1,000 to MXN $2,000 depending the "agente aduanal". No Cash! You can pay UPS drivers only with credit card.

USA and Canada

USD $1,998 plus USD $50 shipping.

Note: We confirm the order per email with a tracker link so you can follow the route. The delivery time in the US is a couple of days, in Mexico it takes around 20 days.

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