H2mex H2mex Hydrogen Vision & Mission United for health for all of us

Towards a healthy Mexico

Implement a national hydrogen policy to raise the health of the populace and reduce healthcare costs by promoting and distributing hydrogen products. Hydrogen is also beneficial to Animals and Plants.

The first real photo of a hydrogen atom

The first real photo of a hydrogen atom.

The Problem

Health status of the Republic.

Millions are affected by chronic diseases which doctors can not heal.

One specialist per disease.

Raising costs.

Agriculture, environmental stress, hotter environment, lower nutrients, less harvest,

The Solution

Results of exposure to hydrogen:

Healthier people, better moods, less pain, less health care costs, families spent their money on better things.

Healthier animals, fish grow faster, less stress, lower losses, higher revenue.

Healthier plants, less fertilizers and thus contamination, plants have more fruits.

Less problems on all levels of society.

Who needs it

Due to environmental degradation, today every living being needs a better health.

Humans, Animals and Plants

How can hydrogen be consumed

Easy acceptance, everyone drinks water.

Drink hydrogen water

Apply gas or water to the skin


Immersion in hydrogen water

Sterile saline IV bags

The big picture

Implementation, instruction, production, sale, rent and maintenance of government approved Generators. Cheap hydrogen generation units everywhere.

Fish farms can grow fish to bigger size in less time. Agriculture can harvest healthier plants with more fruits. Chicken, pigs and cows could be protected with better hydration.

There would be new Hydrogen generator factories, inhaler studios, people offering maintenance for generators, water sellers and more. A lot of new jobs can be created this way.

What has to happen, the mission

The Méxican Government organizes and writes a national hydrogen health policy. The effects and benefits of this policy will ripple through México and will transform people, animals and plants. They will be healthier, stronger and more resilient to coming challenges.

That IMSS and ISSTE, COFEPRIS, SAGARPA, ADUANA and more join forces and will repair the health of their people once and for all. That includes the Institutions employees' families.

A win-win situation for all.

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