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Hydrogen (the molecule) and HydroGen2 (the generator)

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By digesting fibers, humans produce in the intestines up to 12 Liters of hydrogen per day. It is used for 80 years as breathing gas in deep sea diving. [Divers] No toxicological report was ever issued. [Toxnet]. Hydrogen is FDA approved: [GRAS]

No, not really. The saturation level for the body is reached after about 5 min of inhalation. 1 hour after finishing inhalation, the quantity of hydrogen left in the blood is below detection levels.

Since molecular hydrogen is so absolutely tiny, it passes through any tissue, and will forever raise through concrete, tin and tiles until it escapes into outer space.

The diving gas mixture is 50% hydrogen, 2% Oxygen and 48 % Nitrogen. That is way higher then the recommended "below 4% inhalation volume" used in the graph at the end of this paragraph. They breathe this gas for days. No adverse medical effects reported. View Blood concentration levels

So a resounding NO, you can't overdose on hydrogen.

You can inhale it, drink hydrogen infused liquids and juices, apply the gas to skin, muscles and organs and spray hydrogen infused water on the skin.

  • Add magnesium powder to drinking water
  • Add tablets to drinking water
  • Use pitcher of water with proton exchange membrane technology(PEM)
  • Use an alkaline electrolyzer to make gas
  • Use a PEM electrolyzer to make gas

If you infuse enough hydrogen in water with 30 deg. Celsius, you will reach the saturation point of 1.46 ppm in a couple of minutes.

Henrys Law defines a maximum volume of any gas that can be dissolved in water with a given pressure. Here is a diagram of the solubility of h2 in water at sea level.

At a constant temperature, the amount of a given gas that dissolves in a given type and volume of liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of that gas in equilibrium with that liquid.

Read more: Explanation of the concentration and solubility of hydrogen at the Molecular Hydrogen Institute.

Local services in CancĂșn: Call me at 998 842 0308 to get a liter of hydrogen water. You can try also inhalation
A great question: PEM vs electrolyzer?
Proton Exchange Membrane generators are used for medical studies, where the purity of hydrogen is important. These cost a lot of money and they make small amounts of hydrogen volumes. The Oxygen is discarded and can not be collected.
Our electrolyzer generator makes and uses both, oxygen and hydrogen. The users report experiments made with these generators, which rumors have it, seems to be even more useful for health.
The only noticable difference is that the oxy-hydrogen gas can be inhaled easier.


There are several important pathways where hydrogen has positive effects:

  • Prevents the formation of hydroxyl and hydrogen peroxide
  • Activates the endogenous antioxidants
  • Down or up-regulates apoptosis
  • Anti-inflammatory for the whole body
  • Signal modulation

Image of pathways

There are over 170 identified conditions for humans which benefit from hydrogen exposure.

A non-complete list of common conditions:

  • General oxidative stress
  • Lactic acid buildup from exercise, fatigue recovery
  • Pain reduction and recovery-time in skin burns
  • Respiratory defects from smoke induced lesions
  • Asthma, allergies and lung injuries
  • Alkaline eye accidents
  • Gum diseases
  • Skin diseases, acne and psoriasis
  • Pain and mobility issues from chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Heart attack frequency, high blood pressure
  • Digestive problems, stomach ills, diabetics and dialysis
  • Neuro degenerative diseases Parkinson, Alzheimer, dementia
  • Radiation and chemotherapy QOL improvements
  • Chronic wound healing
  • Damage from sepsis and ischemia /reperfusion

List of disease models that benefit from Hydrogen Top 100 List

Diseases and physiological states for which hydrogen effects are reported and classified by target organs ( NIH ): ( 15 ).

Our principal argument is the sheer volume. Compare the 1 to 4 mg hydrogen per liter in hydrogen water with 1,090 mg hydrogen in the body after a twenty-minute breathing session. A thousand times more.

HydroGen2 Generator

The hydrogen gas is produced on demand, there is no tank. The timer shuts down after the programmed time.

The HydroGen has a specific protection against any explosion from an accidental ignition source at the end of the hoses.

Even when run completely dry, nothing happens due to low voltage on the cells preventing any sparks.

The bubblers have built in 3 PSI over-pressure valves.

Hydrogen quickly disassociates in the air with Nitrogen - rendering it safe VERY quickly.

Safety is built in, KISS principle.

It is 100% safe for breathing, with no risks of explosion in the body. This holds true for the respiration rates of children, teens, adults, and aged people. I've run the numbers and the % gas in the body is very low.

Hydrogen dissipates extremely fast and becomes non-flammable. Watch how close the person has to put the flame to the burner to ignite it. Hydrogen is not very explosive at all.

The HydroGen has a projected lifespan of 5-10 years. There is a 3 year guarantee on the generator itself and a 1 year guarantee on the electrical parts.
We recommend a yearly cleaning of the plates with citric acid and a new electrolyte fill. But we have seen several HydroGen1 still working after years with the original fill.
Electricity and distilled water. As pure as it gets. You can buy a gallon in a yellow canister from Autozone or get it at Target for a couple of dollars. A Gallon is good for months of daily use.
Automotive lead acid batteries need very pure, mineral-free water, otherwise it would destroy them. So that's a good reason why battery water is a safe bet for really pure water.
Any big distributor of automotive parts or repair shop should have a way to sell you "battery water".
Of course. Please sent us your generator with a package service and we will return it in pristine condition.

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