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The following YouTube videos are related to Hydrogen and what it can do for people.

Tyler W. Lebaron: Hydrogen - Discussion with Dr. Ohta, July 2017 - 1 hour

Entrevista a Dr Garth Nicolson sobre el agua hidrogenada. Agua de hidrĂ³geno. - 18 min.

H2Minutes with Tywon Hubbard

Hydrogen is not very explosive at all

Hydrogen Salon in Taiwan

Essential Tremors

Brain Damage

Fish don't Lie

Plant's don't Lie

Aquarium Airstone Comparisons

Nanobubble Water from Japan

You will find lots of examples searching "molecular Hydrogen" on Google or Youtube.


Here is a collection of websites with the same message. Hydrogen is important for your health.

Hydrogen is FDA approved. GRAS Notice (Generally Recognized as Safe)

Lots of detailed information at the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation

Listing of current Molecular Hydrogen studies

International Hydrogen Standards Association

Hydrogen Medicine For Healing

European Institute for Molecular Hydrogen Therapy `

A typical Hydrogen salon in Japan: h2inhalation.com (Read the testimonials)

Plants don't Lie

Oxygen and Air Nanobubble Water Solution Promote the Growth of Plants, Fishes, and Mice

hidrogenada.com (Spanish website)

wasserstoffwasser.org (German website)

h2-aqua.org (German website)

Health Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen!

The miracle of Molecular Hydrogen.

27 Scientific Health Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen-infused water ( Molecular Hydrogen).

Hydrogen helps with this - Top 100 List

PrimoH2, a beautiful website explaining hydrogen very well.

Hydrogen for Health - Hydro Care

One can find information about hydrogen all over the planet.

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