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About H2mex

We are a growing group of persons trying out hydrogen therapies because of the confirmed non-toxicity of hydrogen at all concentrations.

giphyTo have abundant quantities of H2, I build myself an electrolyzing oxy-hydrogen generator, added a couple of gas cleaning bubblers and a dryer and started bubbling drinking water and drinking it. It has perceptible, energizing effects from the first glass I drank to today. The skin loves a spray of H2 water in the face each other day. Wrinkles are waning.

Molecular hydrogen infused water has lots of not understood properties. Ex:. The absolute tiniest concentration (0.018mg/L) dissolved in water has still statistical significant effects.

Physical effects happend when we started breathing it daily. Muscle relaxation, great sleep, no problems on stairs, no stomach aches, urination works better, constipation gets removed, burn wounds heal better, well moisturized skin and so on...
Things start to sort itself more every day and a general wellbeing, increased fitness and alertness are reported from all persons that drink and inhale H2 for a couple of weeks.

After trying all kinds of hydrogen ingest methods for several months, we can say with confidence:
Hydrogen is not curing diseases, it removes oxidative stress related symptoms, lowers inflammations, modulates signals throughout the body and activates cytoprotection in the cells.

There is no cure without removing the cause of the disease. That is common sense.


A recommended path for beginners:

Start with tablets ( USD $60 ), if you see improvements, go for a water maker. The little USB pitcher things for USD $100 - $500 usd. Then, if you want to get serious and have water all the time and want to try inhalation, buy a browns gas generator ( USD $800 - $1,300) or a PEM hydrogen only machine ( USD $1,500 - $5,000 ).

The difference between the two generator types is that browns gas is composed of 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, the PEM machines make only hydrogen because they discard the oxygen.

I see no difference in effects, browns gas generators are giving higher volumes of hydrogen for a lower initial cost. From the moment you own a gas generator, you can splurge with hydrogen. No followup costs except for the distilled water.

I personally use a 1 hour inhalation session right when I wake up, my wife uses it to fall asleep at night ( I turn it off after 60-90 minutes ). We both drink each day a liter of hydrogen water. It is not as critical when, but important to continuously do it for some weeks. The gas leaves the body in about an hour ( see chart above ), but the effects are going on for days because of the signal modulation that gets activated with the tiniest concentrations of hydrogen.

The third way you can use a gas generator is applying the gas directly to the body where it hurts. Very effective for arthritis, burn wounds and various skin diseases.

Having a generator, you will be the center of attention for all oxidative stress related issues.

Contact me below with the contact form or PM me on FB when you have questions.

Hydrogen sources:

Except where "H2mex Hydrogen gas generators" are mentioned, these are not my products and I have no comercial relation with them. I am merely pointing out where to find what.

TIP: The metric that you have to use to compare the concentration of the various products is
ppm ( parts per mil ) or mg/L ( miligram per Liter ) for water products and
lpm ( liters per minute ) for gas generators.


Click the markers and find out where on the planet the hydrogen experts are and how to contact them.

Contact me for inclusion

HydroGen 1

H2mex is distributing the "HydroGen I" generator in Mexico, Canada and the USA. A high efficiency, professional grade electrolyzer for abundant amounts of Hydrogen anytime. It has distinct features compared to anything else in the market and a modest price compared with other hydrogen generators.

Appart from bubbling water, the generator can do a lot more: Apply the gas topical, drink bubbled water, just breathe the gas directly and finally, for clinical settings, doctors use unopened, sterile saline solutions swimming for a day in H2 infused water for operations.

HydroGen with accessories:

H2mex H2 generator 'Hydrogen 1'

2 standard nose canulas - extension hose - water bubbler and the topic, flexible cone application.


  • Ultra-Efficient Molecular Hydrogen Generator
  • 3 Modes of Gas Application: Inhalation, Water Infusion/Ionization, Direct Application
  • High Quality 12 volt power supply (selectable 110v AC/60hz or 220v AC/50hz)
  • High Quality Digital Timer Switch with the following settings: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes
  • 2 Medical-Grade Gas Purifiers
  • Food-Grade Flexible Tubing
  • Medical-Grade Tubing Connectors
  • Water-Infusing/Ionizing Attachment
  • Cannulas for Inhalation
  • Soft, Flexible, Silicone External Spot Applicator
  • 6-foot extension hose for application
  • Packet of Electrolyte for highest efficiency and generator durability
  • Operation Manual and recommendations
  • Hand-Made in the USA with the Highest Quality materials
  • All Electrical and Electronic Components are UL Listed for your safety
  • 3 Year Warranty on Molecular Hydrogen Generator
  • 1 Year Warranty on Electronic Power Supply, Timer Switch and Cooling Fan

Download the English Manual Download the Spanish Manual

Purchase a HydroGen I

You are one step away from owning a Professional Hydrogen Generator.

Please enter the coupon code if you have one, submit the form, then choose the purchase button for your country and pay via Paypal.


MXN $36,963 plus MXN $1,850 shipping.

You will be charged custom duties on delivery. This amounts to an additional MXN $1,000 to MXN $2,000 depending the "agente aduanal". No Cash! You can pay UPS drivers only with credit card.

USA and Canada

USD $1,998 plus USD $50 shipping.

Note: We confirm the order per email with a tracker link so you can follow the route. The delivery time in the US is a couple of days, in Mexico it takes around 20 days.

Rent a HydroGen 1


Sorry, we do not offer rentals to customers outside Cancún at this time.

MXN $700 / week + MXN $100 for delivery and pickup.

Ordering hydrogen water online or making 1 liter of hydrogen water with tablets costs around MXN $36 - $120 per day. As a new hydrogen consumer, the goal is to expose the body to hydrogen multiple times each day. Normally in a couple of weeks, after homeostasis is reached, the frequency can be dropped to one inhalation and a couple of liters of water per week to maintain the balance.

With the Hydrogen 1 generator, all options are on the table: Drink as much water as possible ( 1-2 liters ), take several 20-30 min inhalation sessions spaced with a couple of hours in between, spray the water on your skin as often as you want and see how you feel after some days.

Only an on-demand hydrogen source will give you that freedom to splurge with a lot of hydrogen. You can not store the water for long, half the hydrogen has left the bottle after 2 hours. Bubble it again for 5 min to restore the concentration. And you can make gallons of water per day for your friends, family and pets.

Contact me for details at the bottom of this page.


"HydroGen 2"

H2mex H2 generator model HG-2HydroGen II has currently prototype status and we are performing multiple tests. This perfected unit will have a housing, bigger tank, 10 hour operation and will be available in 2018.

How to build your own Hydrogen Generator

images For the technicians among us, a hydrogen generator can be build on a weekend. A HHO system has a tank for the electrolyte. The tank is on top of everything and has two hoses at the bottom of the tank to the HHO cell and one on top to extract the gas. The gas is then send through the two oxygen purifiers to wash the hydrogen, thereby removing any electrolyte and cooling it. For maintenance convenience I add always a drainage valve at the bottom of the system.

Monster My first generator is lovingly called by everyone "the Monster" and it still makes lots of hydrogen. It does not have a case but is illuminated and shows all the guts.
The two self-made bubblers are on top, below the bottle with the drinking water being bubbled.
On the left a modified computer power supply and below the big HHO cell.
All connected with transparent hoses and hose clamps on the ends to prevent the pressure to cause any leaks.

The elements can be bought online and the material in any hardware store.

kit3 Power Humidifier

One has to order a HHO kit, a LED power-supply with 30A, two oxygen humidifiers, a couple of aquarium bubble stones, a couple of hose clamps and Water-weld, a 2 component plastic filler glue.

The challenge is building a housing and keep the system leak proof. Acrylic and plastic solutions are preferable to metal encasings.

Lego1 This is LEGO 1, a study how economical this machines can be produced. The absolute cheapest way to make the box is to use the black fruit crates from the supermarket. Cut out a hole where the tank lid should be. Use plastic straps to mount tank, cell and power supply on the inside. Two self made bubblers on the bottom, the dryer in the back. The cell is not visible behind the right bubbler. Use a second crate to make the door and use door hinges and closer magnets for furniture. You can see the LED power supply on the right next to the illuminated tank.
Total cost is around usd $450.

This is HydroGen2, currently in testing phase.
HydroGen2-Front A good looking non-metallic casing will add several hundred dollars to the tab.

In any case, it does not matter how it is built or how it looks, any design will make pure hydrogen and oxygen when using steam-distilled and de-ionized water as source.

Contact me if you have questions on how to build your hydrogen generator.



Hydrogen Spectra

Hydrogen Spectral lines

There is no free molecular hydrogen on this planet. Well, to be exact, the level is very low ( 0.000055% v/v ).

Hydrogen dissipates through bottles, bodies, rooms and buildings into the atmosphere and into outer space.

Hydrogen has an intriguing history. It is the father of all elements of the universe, and along with oxygen, it has been intrinsically involved with evolution of life in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes ( e.g. hydrogenases, hydrogosomes, mitochondria, etc.). It is the extremes of oxygen and hydrogen that provide balance between oxidation and reduction, which is vital to life.

Not surprisingly, this intimate relationship of oxygen and hydrogen has remained with higher organisms including plants, animals, and humans. However, until recently, research has only focused on the importance and toxicity of oxygen dismissing the role of hydrogen altogether, which negates the toxicity of oxygen; focusing only on one side of this Yin and Yang type relationship.

In Space molecular hydrogen is found primarily in molecular clouds. These are interstellar gas clouds, which have been found to trace the spiral arms in the disks of spiral galaxies, and contain the material out of which new stars are born. In other words, molecular hydrogen is a vital ingredient in active star formation.


The medicinal properties of molecular hydrogen appear to be promoted as early as 1888. Many years later in 1975, the departments of Biology and Chemistry from the prestigious Baylor University and Texas A&M published a great article on the potential use of molecular hydrogen in medicine in the premier peer-reviewed journal of Science.

However, it wasn’t until 2007, when Professor Ohsawa of the Japanese Medical University investigated with nine colleagues the healing properties of a miracle fountain in Nordenau, Germany. The group of doctors reported that the water is alkaline and contains small amounts of hydrogen which afterwards was found also in several other places on this planet: The documented "healing" or "curative" waters of Lurdes, France; Tlacote, Mexico; and Hita Tenryosui, Japan waters also contain dissolved hydrogen gas.

They published the report in Nature Medicine with the title Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals which states that molecular hydrogen has selective antioxidant properties and anti-apoptotic (anti-cell death) activity. This is the 2007 study that started it all and caused all of the excitement.

Since that review article, the biomedical field took a strong interest in hydrogen’s therapeutic potential and has produced over 500 additional articles that have been published substantiating that declaration. Currently about 150 different disease models have been studied, in which molecular hydrogen appears to exert a beneficial effect (including the ones listed below).

hydrogen timeline


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