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"The scientific case is not dependent on citation of authority, no matter how distinguished the authority may be. The case is dependent upon experimental evidence, logic, and reason."

John W. Farley

In other words, stop targeting the messenger.

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Bernhard Pfennigschmidt Founder H2mex
The scientific research listed in this website has been confirmed multiple times by friends' and neighbors' health improvements. So I am naturally inclined to make the presented information general knowledge and expose as many persons as possible to hydrogen.

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Lorena Fernandez Co-founder Sales H2mex
I’m a Health Coach and freelance researcher in the medical field. Having a special needs child of my own, who also suffers from a chronic illness, my research has led me to the Molecular Hydrogen industry, where I met Bernard Pfennigschmidt. Having the same goals and interest in helping people with chronic illnesses, we became partners. I’m a firm believer that Molecular Hydrogen helps diminish the debilitating effects of Lyme Disease and has multiple other healing properties.

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Antonio Fonseca Co-founder Sales H2mex
I want to increase awareness of hydrogen by selling hydrogen products and solutions. Hydrogen helps to lower the bad effects of aging. I was surprised by the effects on my skin.

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E: elnoveno3@gmail.com

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