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Reports from long time users

Things start to sort itself after a while. Individuals that breathe hydrogen and drink hydrogen water for a couple of weeks report a general increase in wellbeing, increased fitness and alertness.


After trying all methods for years, we can say with confidence: There is no cure without removing the cause of the disease. That is common sense.

I use infrequently a one hour inhalation session in the morning, my wife uses inhalation mostly to fall asleep at night. We both drink each day half a liter of Hydrogen water. It is not so critical when, but important to continuously do it for some weeks. It is very effective in giving a lucid appearance to the skin when one mists the H2water all over the body and let it air dry.

Observed outcomes obtained using hydrogen generators.
If available, the user reports are substantiated with a link to a [ matching scientific study ].

I was assisting in this cases.

Bradley S.
Eczema 24 years

3 weeks misting Hydrogen water on the affected areas removed Eczema completely. [1]

Ricardo R.
High blood pressure

3 days drinking 2 liter of Hydrogen water normalized the values from 168/99 to 125/89. [8] His kidney stones disappeared too. [2]

A friend's Grandmother
Has for 3 months a non-healing skin wound

5 days of gas exposure produced new skin formation. After several weeks completely healed. [3]

Client of a Doctor
Mobility difficulties and pain from advanced Arthritis

Gassing the hand in a bag for 20 min. resulted in restored mobility and pain gone. [4]

My Wife
Little morning pains, headaches

Weekly inhalation and drinking of Hydrogen water removed pains and headache for good.

Burn wounds from scalding hot water

Immersed hand immediately in Hydrogen water, the pain gone in 2 hours and a scar-free healing. [5]

Several years of working with gas generators produced these reports.

Within 2 hours inhalation time, a woman suffering from extremely low energy had bursting energy that lasted for DAYS and corrected her cell's energy condition.
Three adults from one family diagnosed with lyme disease regained their energy after inhaling hydrogen for a couple of weeks. [6]

Within 1.5 hours of breathing the gas a Parkinson's patient who was slurring his speech and could hardly be understood - stopped slurring his speech and was easily understood. He continued breathing the gas for several more hours that evening and the next day could walk with minimal issues in commanding his body, whereas previously, his body would not move correctly when he desired it to. [7]

Bubbling water for 10 minutes, a woman with eye problems since birth felt shooting sensations in her eyes from ONE GLASS OF BUBBLED WATER! After slowly incrementing the H2 amount she can now breathe the gas without problems. [9]

Nasty 1st degree burn over a large area of the body, 10 minutes bubbled water, dabbed onto the burn and kept moistened - and 30 minutes later the redness was completely gone and pain subsiding dramatically. [4]

I had my hand burned 2rd degree with a soldering iron. I applied the gas directly to the burn wound and had in 5 minutes a dry, hard reddish cover and the pain faded. The couple next days it staid like that. A dry wound instead of a liquid mess. Today I can hardly see the scar. [5]

The inventor and creator of this Hydrogen generator says his eye cataracts disappeared after several months of daily inhalation and topical application. [8]
His high blood pressure normalized too. [9]

Comments from Chris Rose helping others with a couple of hydrogen gas generators at 1.23 lpm.

A person suffering fluid build up in the lung. Lung capacity baseline was 1.2 liters, treated for 15 mins.
first Treatment: resulting lung capacity 1.4 liters, second Treatment: 1.5 liters, Third Treatment: 1.7 liters, fourth Treatment: 2 liters, fifths Treatment: 2.5 liters.
1.2 liters increase after only 5x 15 minutes. Impressive! [13]

Comments from Ed Shippen helping others with a huge, self-made gas generator.

I have been treating friends and referrals with hydrogen (Brown's Gas) for over a year with amazing results. I use a large electrolizer that I built. George Wiseman promoted the hydrogen for health and has several you tube videos that got me started.

Probably the most amazing results are for pain and neuropathy by applying the hydrogen (BG) directly to the skin. Pain from back, shoulder, arms, etc are relieved in one 20 min session. Sometimes the relief is permanent, sometimes not. Some relieve takes several treatments. [10]

A 52 yr old female had carpal tunnel for 20 years after working at Tyson chicken plant. Three 20 min sessions completely eliminated all symptoms( been over a year now).

A 50 yr old male with 26 screws in his back fractured the bottom screws and was in great pain. One 20 min session and his pain was over 50% relieved, and he received several sessions before going back for 10 hour surgery. [11]

Have treated knee pain where one session the relief lasted months, and another the knee pain was 100% gone only to return the next day.

In most cases back and shoulder get relief in one 20 min session. I use a 4" shallow Tupperware like leftover dish to treat backs and shoulder. Rotorcuff injury case was able to raise arm all the way up after one treatment.

A 55 yr old female with Lupus took about 10 sessions breathing BG at one LPM through nose cannula over a 4 week period. Reported all Lupus symptoms gone. [12]

No rash, no daytime naps needed and energy back. No more migraine headaches, no joint pain. Doesnt feel like weight on chest when breathing. Smell and taste back and maybe hearing better.

A 65 yr old male neighbor with lifelong mental problems; sees a psychiatrist every three months, and a psychologist every two weeks, and is on low dose lithium and a psyche drug breathed BG (one LPM) for 30 min. He could not believe the mental clarity it gave him and he is back often for a 30 min session, can't thank me enough. [12]

My next door 95 yr old lady had a doctors appointment for her hand since her fingers were locked up. They had injected it with, I think, cortisone and was not effective, so they were thinking surgery she said. I bagged her hand with a French bread bag and inflated it with HHO for 20 min. She was amazed, said 80% relief. Five min of Near Infr-red (850nm) treatment at 1/2" distance gave her additional relief she said. She still made the doctor visit but did not tell doctor about the HHO. Been three weeks, asked her if she needed a followup treatment and she said no, her hand was fine. Five months, hand still good. [14]

Just about everyone gets better...

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