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Hundreds of Japanese, Korean and Chinese Doctors are researching H2 since 2007. They have shown multiple benefits to nearly every organ in the body in over six hundred peer-reviewed studies.

The promise is to reactivate the inner healing power of the body by preventing the formation of bad radicals. These radicals are the cause and reason for most suffering and failure to heal.

These scientific publications are free for everyone at the nih.gov and scirp.org websites. Check it out on The Science page.

You can also google ' "Disease name" + "molecular hydrogen" + NIH ' for the latest information on any given disease.

Hydrogen has a couple of interesting effects but the main feature is it is behaving like an "anti-oxidant" by promoting the inhibition of bad radical formation which then changes into anti-inflammatory because of the missing harmful radicals.

Another great feature is the signal modulation to normal values. High blood pressure can be lowered in three days by drinking Hydrogen water. Hydrogen water contains tiny volumes of hydrogen that nonetheless can have a huge impact on the operation of the body.

There are no safety issues with hydrogen, it has been used for years in gas mixtures for deep-sea diving and in numerous clinical trials without adverse events, and there are no warnings in the literature of its toxicity or long-term exposure effects. Known hydrogen data

Scientific Publications

Studies have been done in vitro, with animal studies and there are currently multiple human trials running. Several hundred studies report mitigation and relief from negative effects for a range of diseases:

research scope

Hydrogen applications can and will assist in this incomplete list of diseases.

List with increasing severity from healthy to really ill.

  • General oxidative stress
  • Lactose buildup from exercise, fatigue recovery
  • Pain-reduction and recovery-time in skin burns
  • Respiratory defects from smoke induced lesions
  • Asthma, allergies and lung injuries
  • Alkaline eye accidents
  • Gum diseases
  • Skin diseases, acne and psoriasis
  • Pain and mobility issues from chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Heart attack frequency, high blood pressure
  • Digestive problems, stomach ills, diabetics and dialysis
  • Neuro-degenerative diseases Parkinson, Alzheimer, dementia
  • Radiation and chemotherapy QOL improvements
  • Chronic wound healing
  • Damage from sepsis and ischemia /reperfusion

This list shows that Hydrogen can mitigate the bad effects of nearly any disease.

There are three kinds of hydrogen ingestion:

  • One method is breathing a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen directly
  • Another method is taking in hydrogen through digestion or the venous system
  • The third method is spreading hydrogen subcutaneously or introducing aerogenic bacteria to generate hydrogen.

In short, breathe it, apply gas or water and drink it.

Preparing Hydrogen for personal use

It takes ten minutes to make a liter of Hydrogen water. Hydrogen inhalation and topical application can be done in twenty to thirty minutes. It takes a day to bathe sterile IV bags to full saturation in Hydrogen water.


It is profoundly documented that molecular hydrogen is really different to all other gas therapies such as Nitric oxide, Helium + Oxygen, Oxygen and Ozone. Hydrogen affects until now over 160 diseases and what is not covered so far has probably not been investigated yet.

Check out the observed results reported by Hydrogen consumers.

There is no doubt that Hydrogen will be a central and integral part of the future of medicine.

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