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A lifestyle change

H2mex.com exists to promote, support and encourage hydrogen consumption for long lasting health benefits. We are a growing group of persons trying out hydrogen applications because of the confirmed non-toxicity of hydrogen at all concentrations.

how to bubble hydrogen water

The general reasoning is that we don't need to wait for more complementing human studies. Hydrogen is reportedly harmless: [ FDA ] and [ Divers ]. People can not overdose. Consuming hydrogen has a health promoting effect, right from the start.

The promise of Hydrogen consumption is vast: Calming the hands of Parkinson's disease, delaying Alzheimer, normalizing cardiovascular problems, energizing lyme disease patients, reducing the frequency of heart-attacks, removing kidney stones, a much faster healing of chronic wounds and burn wounds, removing local pain, and who knows what else will be discovered.

Substantiation for each of these claims, the studied organs and pathologies are found on the Science page.

The owners of a hydrogen generator will be the center of attention for all oxidative stress related issues in their Neighborhood.


Hydrogen atoms are really tiny and can, except for aluminum, steel and glass, penetrate any material on earth. Hydrogen wants always to raise, passing the body, through the room ceiling, through the roof, through the atmosphere, reaching outer space.

Tips for each method

Gas inhalation: Hydrogen inhalation is best done with the face down. It will distribute through the lungs into the blood and in the muscles. The lungs, arteries and veins are leaky for gases, thus hydrogen dissipates very fast towards other body parts.

Water: An open container with hydrogen infused water has a half-life of 2 hours. Meaning that 50% hydrogen dissipates from the water every 2 hours. Drink the water while it's fresh.

Gas application: Position the end of the hose exit below the body part or wound for a gas application. Use the flexible rubber cup or a thick plastic bag to contain the gas around the limb for some time.

Container for hydrogen water: Even after 12 hours, thermos, glass bottles and steel bottles still hold substantial amounts of gas. Make sure there is no air in the bottle before closing. Place them horizontally.

So to store hydrogen water for some days, fill dark glass bottles to the brim with no air.

Hydrogen inhalation

We breathe oxy-hydrogen gas in half hour intervals.

Physical effects appeared after we started breathing it daily. Muscle relaxation, great sleep, no problems on stairs, no stomach aches, urination works better, constipation gets removed, burn wounds heal better, moisturized skin and so on...

Persons with inflammatory diseases will notice immediate changes after the first inhalation session. Some people with a lot of oxidative stress relax and even fall asleep. Healthy persons will not notice a lot, some are completely energized.


Hydrogen enters and leaves the body very fast. Saturation is reached in less then 10 minutes, all gas has left the body one hour after finishing the inhalation.


H2 Water

We infuse Hydrogen gas in eyedrops, juices, coffee and tea in less then 10 minutes. We drink it. We spray the water all over the body.

Molecular hydrogen for skin. Skin absolutely loves hydrogen water mist. Spray it anywhere on your body for deep, moisturizing effects. Misting water removes bruises and sun-burns in hours.

Medical staff can float unopened, saline solutions for a day in Hydrogen water to make hydrogenated sterile saline solutions.


Read a very good explanation of concentration and solubility of hydrogen in water.


Drinkers of Hydrogen water have urine colors that match the top three colors. Kidneys work better and the body is well hydrated.

Hydrogen application

Fast pain relief is achieved with using the green applicator on the lesion.

Other methods are covering with a tupperware to enjoy a relieved pain. One can also expose the wound to hydrogen within a plastic bag.

Close the bag with a rubber band and remember, hydrogen will collect mostly in the upper part of the bag before leaving. For fastest relief, inside the bag, point the end of the hose directly at the hurting area.



Over time, Hydrogen activates a worry-free wellbeing.

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