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In Japan, Hydrogen is called "SUISO". Japan has been at the forefront of research and the effects of SUISO on the body. It has been proven that hydrogen has enormous health benefits. Inhalation of hydrogen has a positive effect on almost every organ in the human body. Numerous publications have been released on the health benefits of hydrogen. It is becoming more obvious that H2 should become an important part of everyone's lifestyle.

Persistent oxidative stress is widely accepted as one of the causes of most lifestyle-related diseases, cancer and the aging process. ( Up to 90% ) ( 2 )

It is not an overstatement to say that hydrogen’s impact on therapeutic and preventive medicine could be enormous in the future. ( 1 )

Many life activities have very narrow adaptation range of acid–base, for example, the pH of human blood must be maintained between 7.35 and 7.45. Recent biological studies have found that the hydrogen cation itself is a key medium which can activate the channels in cell membranes. ( 4 )

Only a substance with a selective antioxidant effect (which selectively neutralizes harmful ROS) is the perfect antioxidative drug. It has been demonstrated by a lot of research, that hydrogen could selectively neutralize Hydroxyl free radicals and nitrous acid anions. This is the fundamental theory for hydrogen treating disease via its antioxidative effect. ( 5 )

We truly believe that hydrogen research and hydrogen related products will enlighten us to a brighter, more intellectual, and healthier way of living. ( 6 )



Depending on your diet, lifestyle, and environment, your cells can create more free radicals than your antioxidant enzymes can handle. When excess free radicals are formed inside your cells, it can result in serious consequences for your health.

Unhealthy lifestyle, bad environment, and poor nutrition contribute to excess free radical production in your cells. Also, as you age, your antioxidant defense system weakens, leaving you more vulnerable to free radical damage. Below are the most common contributors to producing excess free radicals inside your cells.

Radiation, Pollution, UV Rays, Processed Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Household and Industrial Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Excessive Exercise, Lack of sleep, Stress, Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Toxins, Injuries, EMF. etc...

When excess free radicals are produced inside the cells, some of them can convert into more dangerous free radicals. For example, hydrogen peroxide readily converts into the most dangerous Hydroxyl radicals in the presence of Iron( II ) or other heavy metals. Another example is when your cells are subjected to radiation, UV rays, and Electromagnetic frequencies ( EMF ) these can directly produce Hydroxyl radicals inside your cells.

Hydroxyl Radical Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive free radicals that will steal an electron from any other molecule, including DNA, Protein, Lipids, etc. thereby damaging them.

Once free radicals convert into Hydroxyl radicals, there are no antioxidant enzymes that can neutralize them. Hydroxyl radicals will quickly react with anything and damage nearby molecules.

Oxidative stress occurs when there is a disturbance in the balance of free radicals and antioxidants. Oxidative stress is known as the cause of many different health challenges and it affects each individual differently depending on genetics, environment, and diet.

Inhibits Radical formation

Many antioxidant supplements could not prevent cancer, myocardial farction and atherosclerosis, but rather conversely increase mortality. ( 1 )

Vitamin C and other antioxidants will never make it inside the cells. Molecular hydrogen on the other hand does.

relative size of Antioxidants

Hydrogen is the only "anti-oxidant" known that can enter the mitochondria of the cells and it penetrates into the cell's nucleus, as well. It can cross the blood-brain barrier. It only does good things in the body, and never anything bad to cells.

Each hydrogen molecule can convert two Hydroxyl radiacals ( HO ) into water, thereby hydrating the cell and leaving no trace.


Water Molecule The quality of drinking water will change dramatically after a brief time bubbling the water with hydrogen.( 7 )

Ten minutes of bubbling the water raises the PH from 7 to 8.5 and reduces the ORP from above +200mV to -310mV.

h2content-Miracle-waters The Oxidative Reduction Potential ( ORP ) of a healthy cell is -70 mV. As we age, we oxidize, like an old car that rusts. Things that oxidize have a positive ORP. If we are looking to slow down the aging (rusting) process, then we want to ingest things with a negative ORP.

hydrogen-infused water is a potent alkalizer, serving to effectively neutralize excess body acids of all types. hydrogen-infused water has been shown to increase cellular hydration by enhancing the body's ability to move extracellular water into the cells.

And that is explaining only the electro-chemical condition of the water. Water does not store a lot of H2 gas. The saturation level is 1.6 ppm or 1.6 mg of gas per liter of water. But that does not hinder it's immediate noticeable changes.

"The amount of administered H2 seems to be, in many cases, independent of the magnitude of effects. Intestinal bacteria produce more than 1 liter of hydrogen gas per day, whereas the amount of H2 originating from drinking hydrogen-infused water is less than 5mg/L. Nevertheless, additional H2 in drinking hydrogen-infused water is unambiguously effective." ( 1 )

reduces hydroxyl radical and increases endogenous antioxidants

H2 is a bio-signaling agent and is as far as reported, totally anti-everything "bad radicals". We believe that some of the beneficial effects of drinking H2 water stem from the changed quality of the water: Water with a PH of 8.5 will by electron affinity move towards opposite polarity targets like inflammations and anything with a lower PH and subsequently neutralize one each other. Charged with hydrogen this water will have all the beneficial effects reported. Most of it's benefits seem to be caused by the signal modulating property of molecular hydrogen.



The real deal to consume and saturate the body with massive quantities of hydrogen is breathing it.

Our hydrogen generator makes 800 ml of gas per minute. That is 500 times the maximum amount of gas we can ingest by drinking a liter of water. This means we will reach hydrogen saturation for any body part in a very short time. Breathing is a large gas exchange with up to more than 6000 ml/min; permitting hydrogen's maximum healing powers.

The inventor of the Hydrogen I describes: "I've experienced many good things from inhalation, including a massive increase in my vision that has been eroding since my 40's. I'm now 53 and can see as well as when I was in my early 30's or even 20's. My hair is growing stronger and re-coloring from grey."

The ONLY thing that he changed in his life is daily inhalation of the gas. The infused water did NOT do this, as he was drinking that daily since March 2017 - and only recently did things improve to this level.

We are inhaling the gas for 1/2 hour to 2+ hours daily.

According to research with athletes at the Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare, M.D., Ph.D. Noriki Nagao said: Hydrogen-containing water is an efficient method to reduce DNA damage and fatigue caused by physical stress and extreme training.

Pilot study Jul 2012: Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise in elite athletes.
Conclusion: Adequate hydration with hydrogen-rich water pre-exercise reduced blood lactate levels and improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function. These preliminary results may suggest that HW may be suitable hydration for athletes. (2)
This is now confirmed and atletes around the world are using it.


Hydrogen concentration ( HC ) in the blood increased rapidly both in the arterial and venous blood after the initiation of H2 inhalation with 3% ( case 2, 3 ) and 4% ( case 1 ) of H2 gas and reached a plateau at approximately 10 to 20 microM/L respectively, in about 20 min. ( 8 )

H2 inhalation of at least 3% concentration for 30 min delivered enough HC, equivalent to the animal experiment levels, in the blood without compromising the safety. Consistency of H2 delivery by inhalation needs to be improved. ( 9 )

The Hydrogen concentration ( HC ) in the body raises and lowers in less then 10 minutes:


One hour after finishing the session, all gas has left, the body is like before, but now more balanced in its functions on the subcellular level.


Oral: Stored in Aluminium bottles and drunken over the day.

Inhalation: 30 min. breathing sessions.

Topical: 10 to 15 min. bubbling 1 liter of tap water to wet towel for placing on body area with pain.

Intravenous: 1-2 days. Sterile IV plastic bags in a bubbling water bath to infuse the bags to saturation.

Note: hydrogen-infused water and saline solutions in plastic containers/bags have a half live of 2 hours. Aluminium container turned upside down can make it a couple of days.


... because of its low molecular weight, it rapidly diffuses into tissues and traverses the membrane including the mitochondria and the nucleus to reach important targets. ( 10 )

1. molecular hydrogen can easily diffuse into the subcellular compartments and scavenge cytotoxic oxygen radicals, thus protecting the DNA, RNA and proteins from oxidative stress.

2. molecular hydrogen also triggers the activation or upregulation of additional antioxidant enzymes ( e.g. glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc. ) and/or cytoprotective proteins of the body.

3. molecular hydrogen may be a novel-signaling molecule that can alter cell signaling, cell metabolism and gene expression. This gives the anti-inflammatory effects, anti-allergic effects, and anti-apoptotic ( or anti-cell death ) effects.

Ref: ( 11 )

Ultimate ( 2016 ) summary of the how does Hydrogen work in the body: Clinical Effects of Hydrogen Administration: From Animal and Human Diseases to Exercise Medicine.


The YouTube videos further down show inhalation of the Hydrogen and what it can do for people. The first one is in a "Hydrogen Salon".

H2Minutes with Tywon Hubbard

Hydrogen Salon Taiwan

You will find tons of examples searching molecular hydrogen.


Comments from Hydrogen users:

1) Within 2 hours inhalation time, a woman suffering from extremely low energy had bursting energy that lasted for DAYS and corrected her cell's energy condition.

2) Within 1.5 hours of breathing the gas a Parkinson's patient who was slurring his speech and could hardly be understood - stopped slurring his speech and was easily understood. He continued breathing the gas for several more hours that evening and the next day could walk with minimal issues in commanding his body, whereas previously, his body would not move correctly when he desired it to.

3) Bubbling water for 10 minutes, a woman with eye problems since birth felt shooting sensations in her eyes from ONE GLASS OF BUBBLED WATER! After slowly incrementing the H2 amount she can now breathe the gas without problems.

4) Nasty 1st degree burn over a large area of the body, 10 minutes bubbled water, dabbed onto the burn and kept moistened - and 30 minutes later the redness was completely gone and pain subsiding dramatically.

5) I had burned my hand 3rd degree with a soldering iron. I applied the gas directly to the burn wound and had in 5 minutes a dry, hard reddish cover and the pain faded. The couple next days it staid like that. A dry wound instead of a liquid mess. Today I can hardly see the scar.

6) The manufacturer of the Hydrogen generator says his visual acuity improved after 5-6 weeks of daily inhalation. He is able to read everything on a headache pill box ( including the letters in the "3 Point" font on the bottom ). He wasn't able to see at this level since he was in his late 20's or early 30's. His hair is growing stronger and re-coloring. He is 53 right now.

6) The inventor and creator of this Hydrogen generator says his eye cataracts disappeared after several months of daily inhalation and topical application. His high blood pressure normalized too.

7) Scalding hot radiator water: yesterday I noticed peeling dry skin on my hand. First I was worried, but then I remembered where it came from. I had already forgotten the burn of my hand 10 days ago opening a car radiator with very hot water and steam.
Right after the water burned my hand, it was feeling like flames were shooting out of it. I placed my hand immediately in H2 infused water and kept the aquarium bubble stone directly under the hand. After half an hour the pain was lowering to the point of acceptable and I kept the hand in a wet towel for another two hours. The pain was gone. I could lift a pitcher with 2 liters of water in it with my hand. The burned skin stopped being red and barely hurt when touching.
My experience with H2 and burn wounds is excellent and shows a way faster recovery!

8) The only thing that we changed in our lives is daily inhaling 1/2 hour to 2+ hours and drinking a liter or more of hydrogen-infused water.

Testimonials from users of our hydrogen generators

Comments from Ed Shippen helping others with hydrogen gas

Have been treating friends and referrals with hydrogen(Brown's Gas) for over a year with amazing results. I use a large electrolizer that I built. George Wiseman promoted the hydrogen for health and has several you tube videos that got me started.

Probably the most amazing results are for pain and neuropathy by applying the hydrogen (BG) directly to the skin. Pain from back, shoulder, arms, etc are relieved in one 20 min session. Sometimes the relief is permanent, sometimes not. some relief takes several treatments.

A 52 yr old female had carpal tunnel for 20 years after working at Tyson chicken plant. Three 20 min sessions completely eliminated all symptoms( been over a year now).

A 50 yr old male with 26 screws in his back fractured the bottom screws and was in great pain. One 20 min session and his pain was over 50% relieved, and he received several sessions before going back for 10 hour surgery.

Have treated knee pain where one session the relief lasted months, and another the knee pain was 100% gone only to return the next day.

In most cases back and shoulder get relief in one 20 min session. I use a 4" shallow Tupperware like leftover dish to treat backs and shoulder. Rotorcuff injury case was able to raise arm all the way up after one treatment.

A 55 yr old female with Lupus took about 10 sessions breathing BG at one LPM through nose cannula over a 4 week period. Reported all Lupus symptoms gone.

No rash, no daytime naps needed and energy back. No more migraine headaches, no joint pain. Doesnt feel like weight on chest when breathing. Smell and taste back and maybe hearing better.

A 65 yr old male neighbor with lifelong mental problems; sees a psychiatrist every three months, and a psychologist every two weeks, and is on low dose lithium and a psyche drug breathed BG(one LPM) for 30 min. He could not believe the mental clarity it gave him and he is back often for a 30 min session, can't thank me enough.


Ready to try hydrogen?

I'd like to invite everyone to take the time to deepen their knowledge of this miracle element in all senses of the meaning. Don't take my word, google "molecular hydrogen" and see for yourself. It's like Rocket Science... for Excercise.

Please review the links and read the information on this page. Your patients will thank you when you decide to add Hydrogen as assistive treatment versus the option to prescribe expensive medicine.

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