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What can hydrogen do for our health?

Discoveries and research in nanotechnology have shown that medication that can enter the smallest parts of the body produce better results. Molecular hydrogen is the smallest existing molecule and it is proving to be one of the most impressive medical innovations of this century. In fact, it is the new go-to therapy against inflammation.

Scientific research has shown that molecular hydrogen performs at the sub-cellular level. It can pass the blood brain barrier with ease and enters the mitochondria and under some conditions even the cellular nucleus. Once hydrogen is at these positions, it unfolds its four elementar properties: Promotion of endogenous anti-oxidants, up and down regulation of apoptotic processes, anti-inflammatory and the signal modulation of several hundred biological relevant control enzymes like the ones regulating blood pressure or glucose levels.

Hydrogen therapies will become a fundamental of future medical treatments.

General Information

Information about Hydrogen for everyone interested in improving their health. Even healthy people have oxidative stress.

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Explanations how to make hydrogen water, how to inhale it, how to apply hydrogen topical and the effects noticed.

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Reports from hydrogen consumers. An impressive array of ailments that hydrogen alleviates.

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Frequently asked questions. H2mex answers all questions asked so far.

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The Science

A deeper look into the scientific research, results and the mechanisms that make molecular hydrogen so universally useful.

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All about Hydrogen sources

Everything you need to know; hydrogen sources, how to consume hydrogen and how to build your own generator.

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Hydrogen Products

We’ve done the market research for you and present the best option.

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Body & Maintenance

Schedule a hydrogen session with a Doctor / H2mex cleans the generator unit.


Consultant work

Hire our Hydrogen expertise. We provide courses, speeches, certifications and technical solutions.

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Accessory Creation

Your special needs can be addressed. Bathtub bubblers, eye covers, arm and foot bags...

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