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Hydrogen therapies will become a fundamental of future medical treatments.

General Information

General Information for everyone interested in improving their health. Even healthy people have oxidative stress.

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All about Hydrogen

Everything you need to know; hydrogen sources, how to consume hydrogen and how to build your own generator.

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The Science

A deeper look into the scientific research, results and the mechanisms that make molecular hydrogen so universally useful.

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Explanations how to make H2 water, how to inhale and apply Hydrogen topical and the effects noticed.

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Reports from hydrogen consumers. An impressive array of ailments that hydrogen alleviates.

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Frequently asked questions. H2mex answers diligently all questions so far asked.

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Athletes using Hydrogen



The following YouTube videos demonstrate the inhalation of Hydrogen and what it can do for people. The first one is in a "Hydrogen Salon".

Hydrogen Salon Taiwan

Tyler W. Lebaron: H2 Discussion with Dr. Ohta, July 2017 - 1 hour

H2Minutes with Tywon Hubbard

Hydrogen is not very explosive at all

Essential Tremors

Brain Damage

Fish don't Lie

You will find lots of examples searching "molecular Hydrogen" on Google or Youtube.

Hydrogen Consultant

H2mex is an expert in everything Hydrogen. We will provide solutions to any idea you have.

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Hydrogen Generator Sales

We’ve done the market research and present the best option.

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Generator Rental/Maintenance

After approximately a year of operation, it's time to clean up the generator unit.

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Accessory Creation

Your special needs can be addressed. Bathtub bubblers, eye covers, arm and foot bags...

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You are one step away from owning a Professional Hydrogen Generator.

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